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  • Starting to work on mobile compatiability, though it's in the very early stages. Expect some bugs.
    • This site will always be designed with a PC format initially in mind.
  • I'm thinking about re-vamping the 'about me' section of this site again.
  • Minor changes + some secret pages.
  • NEOverse wiki is... kind of here? There's a lot of things about Tiddlywiki that I don't really know about, so it's very poorly constructed.
    • Also finding any sort of resource for this thing is ridiculously difficult, so I can't make anything fancy shmancy yet. I wish I could!! but I CAN'T.
  • Once again, very minor adjustments to various pages.
  • Updated the sona page.
  • Minor adjustments here and there
  • The miscellaneous page is now here, alongside the start of two other pages that are in that catagory: a page that showcases old versions of this website, and a page for F2U graphics I made that people can use on their own sites. Both of these pages are a heavy work in progress and are very barebones at the moment.


  • Updated the art page... slightly. Due to the fact I barely know JS (the current art page is written entirely with css) the idea I had for the new gallery system might take a while to actually make. (I know some things but I'm not the greatest with it).

This update has been done for quite some time now, actually, but I went on a breif break for mental health reasons:

  • The blog menu now has a search, tagging, and filtering feature.
  • Added a link to the Neoverse Wiki, but it just takes you to a temporary page for now (as the wiki is not done enough for the public)
  • Minor changes.
  • Finally made the 404 page.
  • Added a site 'to-do' section on the homepage.
  • The blog is now semi-implimented.
    • The "next" link doesn't go anywhere (for now), it just takes you to the home menu.
    • The entry itself is being rewritten. I was rereading it today and I think I can do a better job. For now, the entry is serving as a placeholder for testing and a sneak peak at what is to come!
  • Slight visual adjustments on various pages.
New homepage!
I added more artwork to the Art page. It was about time. Also, I tweaked a few things, fixed errors, and tidied up the code some.
Refined the webmaster page. Minor updates to the homepage. Aside from that, not much has changed. Neocities previews continue to absolutely massacre my site. Thanks, Neocities.