The Future of INPLEX + New Album In Development


In 2014, when I was a kid, I created a story that has been a bit of a dream project ever since.

This project is called INPLEX, and I mentioned it a couple of times in the past (older website versions, my newgrounds, and some of the art pieces I have posted on here). this project is now officially almost 10 years old, and as you can tell, a lot can change in 10 years, especially since I started it when i was about nine.

Over the years, I have struggled to really format the story into something cohesive. At first, I wanted it to be a linear story– like a webcomic, that told the events from the beginning to the end in a conventional way. I have found that this is tortuous for me for a myriad of reasons, mainly that I have far too many ideas and concepts that don’t really work in a linear way:

A concept that captures me is the idea of choice, possibility, and the idea that there are parallel timelines that show different endings to a story. This also ties into my fascination with how someone’s perception can entirely differ from another person’s. Perception is like a parallel universe, in a way. In general, exploration of one scenario in different angles is just fun and interesting to me.

Additionally, one thing that I really enjoyed about creating this story is the sense of mystery the overarching conflict of the story has. Over time, I really wanted the world around the characters to be interactable in some way. You could get clues and come to your own conclusion of what’s going on and such.

As I have developed this story, I have realized there’s so many ways that the story could be presented and end. All of these possibilities are compelling to me and are thematically important for different reasons.

When I realized this, I thought of formatting INPLEX not as a webcomic, but an interactive website with webcomic elements; mixed media, pretty much. I began with this approach, and I quickly found that format didn’t really work for what I wanted to do, and was somehow more headache inducing than trying to make INPLEX into one, single linear story. It is probably possible, but it just didn’t feel right for this project.

That’s when I realized that the best way to present this story is not through a website or a webcomic, but a video game.

I have always wanted to make games; when I younger, one of the many ideas I had of what I’d do when I grow up is to work at Nintendo (lol). It’s still a dream of mine to make games!

This sounds all fine and good, but even though it’s my dream, game development is not easy. I don’t even have experience in creating or designing games yet (unless you count the scratch games I made as a child as “experience”). When it comes to programming, I have only been doing specifically web development for about four years (and only really getting into gear with it recently).

I do want to share what my current (basic) vision of what this game will be for archival purposes of my thought process, though:

INPLEX is planned to have a mixture of gameplay styles, but is especially inspired by RPGs, visual novels, and point and click styled gameplay. You can play between (for now) two characters– who’s stories intersect at various points. Each character also has about 3-ish endings, which are simply just called, “bad” “good” and “neutral” endings for now. (this concept is obviously not final and is subjected to change).

I am aware that this is an incredibly ambitious idea and I am not expecting this game to come out soon, in few years or even a decade. It’s simply an idea that I hope and dream will become a reality someday. I would like to make other games and stories before I do anything with this project just so I have more experience. I really want it to be made right.

For now, INPLEX is not a priority when it comes to my projects and is currently on the backburner. I am still going to draw the characters associated with it and do silly, non-canon doodles or one-off comics, but not anything significant associated with it. I think i need a break from actively developing on it.

You can expect more of my other characters to appear now, which I haven’t really posted much on this website yet! I am excited for you all to meet them! :^]

I don’t mind waiting for the day I actually start working on this game. If anything, I am incredibly relieved that I have a vision and direction for this story after a few years of unsure, lack of direction. Here is to the future!


I’ve been making music just about as long as I’ve started my little web development / programming hobby. I never felt confident about making a full album until recently. I realized that there’s quite a bit of songs I’ve made that are similar in theme and sound, and I have decided that they should be packed into an album! This album doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m trying my best to come up with one ;^D

This album, thematically, is related to the cycles of birth and death, though it might not be as obvious to the listener than it is to me, but that doesn’t really matter as long as its pleasing to the ear, right?

So far, about 5 tracks are relatively done (with one being 100% done and polished to my liking), but there will be more. I am sort of doing this as I go with a pretty loose plan. It will be done when I feel as though it is ready.

When that time comes, I’m going to create a Bandcamp so people can have an easy way to access and download the album. it will be a free release in both MP3 and FLAC (if you care about that sort of thing), but if you want to, you can donate money (kinda a ‘pay what you want’ sorta deal).

I don’t want to paywall my content too much, and as I’ve said, I’m still not fully confident in my music still. Keep your eyes peeled on my blog for further updates about this project!